Huntington Woods Zionsville, Indiana


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96 St @ Ford Rd opening 8/29.  Details

2014 Fall Limb & Brush Collection begins 10/6.  Details


Welcome to the website exclusively for residents of Huntington Woods. This site was established and is maintained by your Home Owners Association Board and will be a central point of information and communication between you, the board, and your neighbors.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Huntington Woods Home Owners Association Meeting on May 14th.  The proposed well/irrigation system was voted upon, and with one vote allowed per lot, was passed by a vote of 20-3.  Work on this project will be going on this summer and there will be extra workers and equipment around the entrance and frontage areas...please be extra cautious.  If you have any questions please let us know.  Thank you.


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Just a few friendly reminders...


Please make sure your outside lights are working.  Many of the bulbs have burnt out and need replaced.  Also, the summer heat can cause the paint on the lamp posts to fade or flake, please consider painting your post.  Flat black spray paint is easy and works great.  Don't forget, the covenants require a maintained and operable dawn to dusk front yard post light .


Trash cans need to be kept in the garage or behind a fence.  They are not to be seen from the road except on trash day. 


We have a number of kids and walkers/joggers in the neighborhood...please drive carefully and obey the posted speed limit.


Just a quick reminder, every time a home in Huntington Woods changes hands, the HOA prepares copies of all pertinent documents for transfer to the new owner.  The fee is $85 and Dale Kennedy, our treasurer, handles this for the HOA.


The neighborhood looks great.  We have so many talented people who have made this a fantastic neighborhood to live in.  We have openings on the board for anyone interested.  Meetings are quarterly.  All neighbors are welcome as everyone's input is welcomed and encouraged.


Thank you!